My name is Sabrina Awdi and I am a graphic designer. I’ve lived in three different countries out of the course of my life. I was born in the States and stayed here for the first four years of my life then moved to Romania for six years with my family and after that moved to Lebanon for nine years before coming back to complete my college degree in America. I am originally Lebanese as both my parents are from there and I love my country.
After graduating from my high school in Lebanon, Rawdah High School, I completed my Freshman year in the American University of Beirut then came to Connecticut to continue my Bachelors. Growing up, I’ve always been a creative and had an eye for color and shapes. I loved drawing as child and teen and so once it was time to decide on a major, I wanted to choose something that would combine my passion for creativity but also making sure it serves a function in the world - and so, I chose graphic design. I’m passionate about many things including humanitarian issues, global and environmental issues, and diversity in culture.
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